The Halls

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Victoria Halls floor plan
Victoria Hall Jubilee Hall Lady Kaye Meeting Room Appleton Hall Edward Hall

Victoria Hall

Victoria hall interior

Dimensions: 17m x 10.3m
Seating: 200 people
Dining: 120 people
Usage: meetings, dances, wedding receptions, films, keep-fit, plays, live music, etc.

Jubilee Hall

Jubilee hall interior

Dimensions: 11m x 16m
Seating: 100 people
Dining: 80 people
Usage: live music, parties, dancing, etc.

Lady Kaye Meeting Room

Lady Kaye hall interior

Dimensions: 4m x 8m
Seating: 30 people
Usage: meetings, charity lunches, Pilates, yoga, etc.

Appleton Hall

Appleton hall interior

Dimensions: 10m x 12m
Seating: 60 people
Dining: 40 people
Usage: pre-school, children’s parties, meetings, fitness, etc.

Edward Hall

Edward hall interior

Dimensions: 10.3m x 5m
Seating: 50 people
Dining: 30 people
Usage: art classes, workshops, Guides, Brownies, Rainbows, etc.