Dark Waters (2019 film) Cert:12A

Robert, a defence lawyer, goes up against a corporation to stop it from polluting a water source and endangering the lives of the people. However, he is forced to jeopardise his life to expose them.

The film tells the real-life story of Rob Bilott, the lawyer who took on chemical company DuPont, after discovering the company was knowingly polluting drinking water with PFAS (per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances) are known as the ‘forever chemicals’ as they do not break down easily and will persist in the environment for decades.

PFAS are used in a wide range of consumer products, including non-stick pans, cosmetics, waterproof clothing, grease-proof paper and cardboard food packaging. They have been linked to a number of health issues including reduced response to vaccinescertain cancers, and thyroid disease.

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