Live At The Jubilee: Dino Baptiste

Dino Baptiste is a highly energetic pianist, vocalist and entertainer with strong links to Blues, Boogie Woogie & Rock & Roll as well as performing mainstream classics & current cover songs.

His influences revolve around three idols since a teenager – Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis & Ray Charles. Here, Dino has seen each one a legend, perform with such showmanship and charm that has reflected in his own performance.

Demonstrating a wealth of professional experience covering a 25-year period since 1989. He performs with flexibility and diversity, offering high quality entertainment.

His popularity takes him all over the UK and worldwide where he is a regular performer at some of the most prestigious international music events. An extremely talented musician, Dino Baptiste continues to maintain a very original and dynamic level of entertainment, commanding a truly remarkable and enthusiastic connection with his audience, but with a serious element of “jamming – sealed with some downright tongue & cheek boldness.”

See some video clips of Dino’s music here

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