Risk Assessment 2

Opening Up from the 19th July

1. We are looking forward to seeing you all coming back to make full use of the hall. However despite the Government lifting restrictions on Monday 19th July they are still recommending certain safety measures.

2. The sanitisation stations will still be in operation and please ensure individuals sanitise their hands

3. The halls are opening up to pre-pandemic time and you will need to check with Hallmaster on actual numbers for each hall. However it is your decision on the numbers you wish to have in attendance at your activity.

4. Although Facemasks are not compulsory, it is advised that they are worn prior to entering your class and on leaving until the individuals are outside the complex.

5. Although the one way system signs will remain down (as a precaution in case it all changes again), there is no requirement to follow them unless new rules are applied.

6. You will be able to access the Jubilee Hall through the main foyer.

Can I remind you to check your bookings on Hallmaster because if you do not turn up then we will more than likely invoice you for the time booked.

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