Chairman’s Message

Message from The Chairman


You all know that we are in an unprecedented health crisis that none of us have experienced before.

Sadly, as a result the Hall is now closed until further notice.

The Victoria Hall Charity operates in an unusual way for a village hall in that it has no public financial support from any local government body.
Instead it is completely dependent on hiring, event ticket sales and donations.

The cancellations of both hall hire and our events has the potential of creating a critical cash flow for the charity.

For the charity, a full refund of all lost performances has the potential to be financially damaging for us; therefore I am asking all ticket holders for any cancelled events to please consider donating the cost of the tickets purchased rather than requesting a refund.

However, if you would like a refund please let us know or perhaps you could take a credit note to be used at a future event once we are back to normal.

This would also help our cash flow at this difficult time.

Additionally, we are looking at what refunds Hall Hirers are entitled to if they wish to make a claim.

Whatever you choose please let Penny know on 01252 844876.

Edward Woods
Chairman Victoria Hall Charity

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